Enlightening is much more than turning on a lamp

Foris l’origine delle idee is pleased to give you some pieces of advice about all its latest products described by the catalogue.

In order to enlighten a room, you should choose the lamps by matching them with the shade of the wall and the colour of the furniture aiming at creating harmony in the ambiance.

In a room showing a clear split between the furnished areas and the bare ones, the double floor lamp is the ideal solution to harmonise the areas. Indeed, thanks to two crossed outlines, the light is overlapped, projecting delicate shadows on the walls.

Another suggestion is to create more than one spot lightings, keeping in mind the different functions the room performs. For instance, you can prefer swiveling table light for areas mainly devoted to the reading.

Not to create shadows which make reading books and documents difficult, we designed the table lamp Mondrian, which enables us to direct light in three different ways thanks to the magnetic outlines.

Your choice should not underestimate quality and energy saving: all the lamps designed by Foris l’origine delle idee, are made of Led outlines manufactured by Light Engineering + Design. This guarantees the quality of the light emanated and efficiency for the colour rendering as well as for the duration over time.

Today, Foris helps you to choose the lamp from its catalogue. Its works are a form of technological craftsman, combining design with functionality.